Supper Freek's first event Part 2: Meet, Eat, Drink and Be Happy

supper club guests

7.30pm, our guests start arriving and the feast is ON! In typical London manner, it's a cosmopolitan table we have tonight, with a mix of French, Mexican, American, Welsh and English. The conversation is flowing from minute one around travel, career, food experiences (obviously), and many, many other topics. There is a half-joke/ half-rule set from the beginning by some guests, not to talk about geopolitics. But as in any good family dinner, the topic does come up towards the end of the dinner. Hopefully, unlike during most family dinners, no-one gets in a fight over it!


supper freek food 
Yes I did say “family dinner” twice. That may sound weird, but this is how we felt and this is what our guests told us they felt. For them it meant they felt at home and had a great evening and experience at Supper Freek. For us it meant we succeeded in the very purpose we gave ourselves for that night: delivering great home-made food and creating an intimate, homely atmosphere in my cosy flat. We couldn't be happier!

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Our next event will be on 29 August, at Jenius Social. This time we will be able to host up to 24 guests so gather your friends and colleagues and stay tuned, the tickets will be released in the coming days!

Lots of love,
Julie @supperfreek 

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