Pickled Samphire and Anchovies salad

SAMPHIRE SALADThis is simply the smell and taste of the sea on a plate. I've had pickled samphire as a starter back in Greece. We call it Κρίταμος there, and if you are lucky you can find it in a fish taverna. We served this salad as part of our summer menu and everybody loved it.  Samphire is a plant that grows next to the sea and its taste is unique. You can use it on fish and seafood dishes or you can pickle it like we did. The pickling of the samphire is an easy process and you will be rewarded for the 24 hours wait ;) 

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Honey & Thyme Roasted Leg Of Lamb

This is the recipe for our leg of lamb from Greece that we served on our "Summer is in the air" menu. The result is a succulent piece of lamb with the aromas of the Greek Thyme and honey that we used. You can serve it with the nectarine salad  and new potatoes as we did. Hope you will enjoy it or if you want to try it made by us check out the next Supper Freek Events! We are waiting for your feedback!

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What Our Guests Say About Us

I enjoyed the 'Jamie like' feel, the simple focus on gathering people around good food to share a good time. I liked the attention to detail but also the fact that the presentation was not over the top and that the food and flavour were really the center of attention. Alice D.
Great food, great company....the value (price, quality, company...) for money is far much better than any restaurants.... and I know what I am talking about as i live my food and restaurants ;-) all the best to Supper Freek!! Guillaume D.
Fantastic experience in every sense. The blend of French and Greek cuisines works wonders. And with 2 great hosts/chefs like Julie and Panos, it makes the Supper Freek even more meaningful! Miguel S.
I loved how the hosts presented each dish! This was the smallest supper club I've been to and I really enjoyed the intimacy. Great overall attention to detail and delicious food! Highly recommended. Kendall M.
Laid back atmosphere, very good cooking. Marrying French and Greek actually works! Thierry M.

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