I Wanna Cheese You Up was the name of our event on 7 February 2015, and I believe we kept our promise with this giant tartiflette for 8! If you are not a ski resort addict you might no know what tartiflette is: it is a traditional dish from the Savoie region in France. It's potatoes, onions, lardons and white wine, the whole baked in the oven with local cheese reblochon sitting on top of it so that it melts through it all. It is one of the most heart and belly warming dishes I know, a legend after a day of skying! Even with no ski resort at sight it still works in London, as long as you can find the precious reblochon (check with your local cheesemonger).

Ingredients for 8-10 people

- 1.8-2kg of potatoes
- 2-3 big white onions (you can add more if you are an onion lover)
- 400g of lardons
- 40-50cl of a dry white wine (ideally from Savoie)
- 2 full reblochon or 4 halves of 200g each


Peel and cut the potatoes in squares (around 2cm wide) and either steam them or cook them in boiling water. Cook them almost as much as for mash potatoes, just a little less.

In a large pan or casserole, melt 25g of butter and when it starts making bubbles add the chopped onions. Once the onions have a nice golden colour (not burnt!), add the lardons. Finally, add the potatoes, some pepper and cover with the white wine. I personally do not add salt as the cheese and lardons already have plenty. Leave it to simmer for around 15 minutes, so that the potatoes can absorb the wine.

Pour everything into a large baking tray. Cut the reblochons in half so that you only have the skin on one side (on the picture you can see 2 half reblochons cut in half = 4 pieces with skin on top). Put the cheese on top of the potatoes with skin on top.

Bake in a preheated oven at 220 degrees or gas mark 6 for 30 minutes. All the cheese should have melted by then and you should be able to lift and remove the skin from the top very easily. You can eat the skin if you like it, although it is quite heavy on the stomach so I usually remove it.

Serve with salad leaves and a French vinaigrette. A glass of wine is optional but recommended :-)

What Our Guests Say About Us

I enjoyed the 'Jamie like' feel, the simple focus on gathering people around good food to share a good time. I liked the attention to detail but also the fact that the presentation was not over the top and that the food and flavour were really the center of attention. Alice D.
Great food, great company....the value (price, quality, company...) for money is far much better than any restaurants.... and I know what I am talking about as i live my food and restaurants ;-) all the best to Supper Freek!! Guillaume D.
Fantastic experience in every sense. The blend of French and Greek cuisines works wonders. And with 2 great hosts/chefs like Julie and Panos, it makes the Supper Freek even more meaningful! Miguel S.
I loved how the hosts presented each dish! This was the smallest supper club I've been to and I really enjoyed the intimacy. Great overall attention to detail and delicious food! Highly recommended. Kendall M.
Laid back atmosphere, very good cooking. Marrying French and Greek actually works! Thierry M.

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